Above ground system A-1

Sku: АС 18.01.1Н
Location of the shaft
Above ground
Shaft material
Stainless steel
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Automatic pool cover includes :


motor    stainless steel shaft
supports slats
control switchboard   set of spoilastics or directional guides
set of straps    mounting set
key switch with open, close. stop functions               



The cover is suitable for a new or existing pool. The shaft is installed on the side of the pool. Supports are made of stainless steel.The control is carried out automatically by turning the key or the remote control. The slats are made of PVC and polycarbonate. The width of the slats is 60 mm, the thickness is 14 mm. The external diameter of the shaft is 154 mm.The design of the pool cover is able to withstand the weight of an adult.

  Our advantages:


 minimum time production  high-quality European motors
 fixed low prices  flexible system of discounts
 no extra  surcharge for trimming the slats  shaft and components of stainless steel
 turnkey installation of the system  


  Colour of slats of PVC:


   011 white  012 beige 013 blue
014 Gray  015  brown 016 crystal


 Colour of slats of polycarbonate:


Solar Metallic   Solar Blue   Solar Clear 
Crystal clear   Clear Blue    


  Technical characteristics of overground motors:


 24Vdc motor  flexible cable multi-wire
 IP55 Waterproofness class  limit switch electronic manage
 initialization button (to connect)                                                         






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