AQUASECTOR has been working with the element of water since 1998. We offer our clients products of high quality made of stainless steel for the swimming pools of all types. At present, we produce full spectrum of pool basin equipment and water attractions for a pool basin. Trying to satisfy our clients to the greatest possible extent we engineer and manufacture exclusive products – ladders, handrails, waterfalls etc.

In 2010, we broadened the range of our produce capabilities and became the first company in the country to manufacture high quality AISI 316L stainless steel swimming pools. During this time, we have engineered and manufactured scores of swimming pools for our clients from different regions of Russia.



First in the country own production of stainless steel swimming pools. Aquasector is the only company in Russia which activity is aimed exclusively at stainless steel swimming pools and equipment for them. The production area allows to assemble ordered pools in workshop conditions which makes it possible to minimize the construction period of ready-made order. Company workshops are mounted with modern high-tech equipment with CNC. Highly qualified professionals in engineer department constantly work on quality improvement and technological effectiveness of our product.


  • Full cycle production in Russia

  • Annual participation in international exhibitions

  • Product quality control

  • Modern metal-working equipment

  • Our own, patented production solutions

  • High quality water treatment equipment

  • Increasing equipment sales in Russia and Europe

  • Individual approach to every swimming pool project

  • Minimal construction period


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