Swimming pool maintenance

“AQUASECTOR” offers a variety of services for pools and pool equipment. Working with our company is always mutually beneficial and reliable. Company personnel has completed training with leading European professionals. We have a vast experience of maintenance service. It is proved by the positive feedback from our partners.


What does a service package include?

  • Water quality check (water samples inspection) and water treatment;
  • Filters check, on-time replacement when necessary;
  • Selection of special chemicals complex for water purification and disinfection;
  • Basin cleaning after water drain
  • Electrical equipment check/maintenance and preventive measures;
  • Customer support on safety use of the equipment;
  • Pool basin preparation for winter months and other maintenance measures necessary for specific situations
  • Many years' experience of servicing various pools
  • Flexible and attractive price determination for service
  • The best technologies from world market leaders.
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