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How do you take care of stainless steel products for longevity and impeccable look?

Though stainless steel products are long-life and durable to mechanical and chemical damage, they are supposed to be taken care of in a certain way. In order to keep the noble shine and prolong the service life of stainless steel products, you need to follow these instructions:

Construction work:

  • Avoid any contact of stainless steel product with concrete, building mortar, salts etc.
  • In case of mechanical damage risk, it is necessary to protect the product (with shields, carton etc.).
  • During preparatory activities, installation works and swimming pool pre wash process the front surface of the products should be isolated from the surrounding environment. It is not recommended to remove the protective film (if it is in place) before placing fully assembled product in service.
  • It is recommended to remove the protective film within temperature range from 0°C to 30°C.
  • Before placing in service, stainless steel products should be rinsed with big quantity of water. 

Operation and maintenance:

  • Do not allow dirt and salts to accumulate on the surface of the product and avoid its contact/damage with other metals as it can cause crust and corrosion.
  • Use only specific swimming pool chemicals.
  • Add chemical agents into the pool on proper distance to stainless steel product in order to avoid elevated concentrations of reactive chemicals close to the product. Use floating dispenser or automatic reactive chemicals dosing stations.
  • Avoid using acid-based cleaning products.
  • Avoid contact with other metals and metal alloys.

 All the following factors increase the risk of corrosion: 

  • PH level in the pool has to be within 7.2-7.6. Calcium may deposit as calcium salt under the influence of pH higher than 7.6, which can result in sediment formation, stainless steel products included. If pH level is lower than 7.0, water has high corrosive properties, which also influences the condition of products in a negative way.
  • The water constitution, chlorine/salts/etc. content should meet the standards of Sanitary Rules and Regulations, Construction Standards and Regulations and all-Union State Standard. Free chlorine content in pool water should be under 3 mg/l.


Mechanical cleaning of stainless steel products.

  • Do not use hard granular materials and dry cleaning products.
  • Do not scrape off the sediment
  • Do not use hard brush or sponge to remove dry dirt. Always use only soft fabric cloth or foam sponges. 
  • The biggest issue of public swimming pools is chewing gum. It can be softened by a hairdryer and removed. After that rinsing with cleaning solution and water rinsing are necessary to eliminate it completely.
  • After finishing cleaning the product, wipe it with dry cloth until it shines.  

Chemical cleanse

  • In order to remove rust and do routine maintenance of stainless steel pools “AQUASECTOR” strongly recommends using specialized cleaning products for stainless steel.
  • If routinely maintained you will prolong the service life of the product, prevent corrosion and have the guarantee that the metal will look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Specialized cleaning products that you can find within the range of chemicals for pool maintenance can remove fat contaminants and calcium sediments.
  • If contaminant is not spread within massive surface, means turned out to be at hand can be used for cleaning.
  • Use household cleaning products carefully as they can contain chlorine or be alkaline-based.
  • Stains caused by contact with other metals can be removed with 10-15% nitric acid solution and obligatory water rinsing after that. 
  • 1% ammonia-water solution gives a good effect of contaminants removal.
  • Crust and scum of hard water can be removed with a warm water solution of vinegar, but no way by concentrated vinegar acid.  

In order to prevent the processes of electrochemical corrosion connected with possible influence of electromagnetic fields and appearance of ground currents, the products have to be earthed.

 These rules apply to the pools made entirely of stainless steel to the full extent. 

Follow these simple rules and stainless steel products will serve you almost forever.


If you have any questions ask the company manager.


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