Private pools

Key advantages:

  • No color staining or decolorizing, immunity to ultraviolet.

  • Longevity without loss of quality

  • Сonstruction lightweight

  • Simplicity of pre-construction activities

  • Modern design

  • Minimal construction period

download building stages

Pool basin consists of bottom, side walls, overflow gutter and forms a watertight construction made of sheet steel by welding. 

All necessary elements for the pool water treatment, for instance, bottom water supply pipes, ladders, projector pockets etc. are mounted into the inner part of inside basin surface. Additional equipment, like air massage loungers, geysers, countercurrents, hydromassage jets, is optional and can be additionally ordered and installed. 

Ribbing and bracing on the outer surface of the pool construction provides necessary geometric stability and sustaining capacity of a pool basin.

Pool installation is performed using the pool elements that were premanufactured at LLC “AQUASECTOR” workshop premises. Pool elements are joined by argon arc welding. Wall panels are butt welded, bottom panels are overlap welded. 

Welded seams on inner surfaces of the pool basin are processed by electrochemical pickling. For esthetic effect, welded seams on the visible parts of the top edge of the pool and the overflow gutter are polished to pool basin level. 

All the elements of the pool are made of molybdenum-containing austenitic AISI 316L stainless steel. This brand of steel corresponds with German steel EN 1.4404 and Russian steel 03Х17Н14М3. This kind of steel provides rustproof properties under maximum (500 mg/l) allowable content of free chlorine in water (in +30°C). 

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