LED lighting in the swimming pool. New RGB lights
06.10.2016 LED lighting

LED lighting in the swimming pool. New RGB lights

Lighting the swimming pool with RGB lights is amazing, safe and impeccable. Swimming pool is one of the most luxurious elements of landscape design that has to be eye-catching day and night.

Lighting in the pool is comfort and safety for a user at nighttime. Light creates the illusion of glowing water and spots of light on the walls and bottom of the pool.

Let us talk about how the lighting of the swimming pool will help you create captivating, unforgettable atmosphere, and what kinds of lights you need.The safest and the most eye-catching LED RGB lights are used to provide the lighting at the moment.

Colors and effects

LED lights allow to create the light effects – gleams of colors and uplighting that can be adjusted. Saturated, rich colors are possible due to the use of LED lights of certain RGB spectral emission frequency: К – red (Dw=660mn), B -  blue (Dw=460m), G – green (525nm). These three colors when mixed can generate up to 256 differentcolors and shades. For instance, purple, magenta, yellow, orange, chartreuse, aquamarine or turquoise.


Both, contour and positional lighting, can be installed. Contour - around the perimeter of the swimming pool. Positional – in order to create color accents. For instance, to illuminate shallow water area for children or to accentuate the uplighting of the ladder and water attractions.

LED lamps can be easily installed in the pool basin or other objects.

Construction of lighting equipment

Swimming pool RGB lights are manufactured on base of high quality LED lights with life time up to 80,000 hours. This is the reason why servicing the pool lights is not a problem anymore! Forget all about burning out light bulbs. Draining the pool to change the bulbs is not necessary any more.

The case is made of stainless steel and the lenses are made of optical polycarbonate. LED pool lamp is usually installed on the pool wall or bottom. The undewater pool lighting is connected to a transformer (it is not included and has to be ordered separately), that converts the electrical energy to 12V. The transformer is controlled from remote panel.

Energy-efficient modern technology guarantees long, sustainable service of every lamp.


Pool lighting has to be safe. That is why the case of the lamp is secured due to rounded edges and made of stainless steel. Projectors that can be used under water must have safe power no more than 12V. LED lamps are completely safe for the pool users. They have the maximum hermetic encapsulation of IP65.

Individual approach

You can adjust the lighting according to your mood, completing hydrotherapeutic effect of the procedure with a session of color therapy. While enjoying your hydro-massage, you can create soothing range of colors that will help you relax. During a party, you can easily create a fun atmosphere with dynamic color effects and bright illumination.

RGB pool lighting will become that bright feature that can emphasize the originality of the interior. Such a lighting will make spending time in the swimming pool a bright and inspiring pastime.


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