Extended mouth skimmer with capacitive level sensor, universal AISI-304

Sku: АС 05.180 А
Max. flow
7 m³/h
9,84 kg
60 dm³
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This skimmer is designed to be used in the pools with wide edge like coping stones or composite pools.

This model is made of stainless steel AISI 304.  The skimmer has an adjustable top frame (max. 70 mm). The maximum area of the treated pool surface is 25 m².  The pre-installed capacitive sensor allows the automatic pool level control.

It is equipped with a filter basket, emergency overflow and, floating wave compensator and liner flange with gasket and screws.  Installation in the pool wall. Circulation system connection is internal thread 2", emergency overflow connection external thread 1 1/2".

For liner swimming pool
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